Weather – Ivalo

Weather in Lapland and Ivalo varies from + 30 °C to – 40°C, from late summer to deep winter. You can check the weather forecast in Ivalo from this link: Weather at Lapinleuku.


Chart Local weather forecast in Ivalo by Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI explained by Juhani Risku (Lapinleuku). Lapland is very windy and therefore the temperature of the thermometer has to be corrected because of so called Wind Chill factor. In the table you can see FMI forecast data and its data explained.

You get best information of the weather conditions at Lapinleuku Wilderness hotel combining the forecast published by FMI and calculate the Wind Chill factors by the table below.

Wind Chill

Lapinleuku Wilderness hotel is located in Arctic Lapland where temperatures vary between -40 °C to + 30 °C. Lake Inari is also very windy and storms may start suddenly, in 15 minutes. On the lake the wind is always brisk and strong, in summer, autumn and winter. Therefore you need proper clothing and shelter aginst the weather.


Wind Chill Chart. Wind Chill measure of the cooling effect of wind. Wind Chill is the term used to describe the rate of heat loss on the human body resulting from the combined effect of low temperature and wind. On the left hand side you can see windsocks displaying wind speed. On the right side you can compare temperature scales in Celsius and Fahrenheit (°C versus °F). Below you can find examples of clothing types to respective temperatures. Light winter outdoor clothing can be used in autumn time and when travelling in a car to supermarkets (spending 90% of time inside). Inuits have reasonable clothes for Arctic conditions. When very cold and windy, stay inside (in an igloo or at the hotel).

As winds increase, heat is carried away from the body at a faster rate, driving down both the skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature. While exposure to low wind chills can be life threatening to both humans and animals alike, the only effect that wind chill has on inanimate objects, such as vehicles, is that it shortens the time that it takes the object to cool to the actual air temperature (it cannot cool the object down below that temperature).

Temperatures and sunlight in Ivalo

Average min and max temperatures in Ivalo, Finland   Copyright © 2013  ………. Chart: Average temperatures at Lapinleuku. ©

In Lapland we have four clear seasons: long winter, short spring, summer with midnight sun and very colourful autmn. Also the daylight varies from the all-day-sunshine in June to period of darkness in December-January.

Average monthly sunhours in Ivalo, Finland   Copyright © 2013  ………. Chart: Average sunhours at Lapinleuku. ©