Auroras – Ivalo

An auroras, Northern Lights, are a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude like in the Arctic.

Hotel Lapinleuku is situated in ideal location for Auroras. The hotel is in the dark wilderness, high up more than 300 km North from the Arctic circle.


Aurora photo in winter 2012, photo Pirjo Natunen. Lapinleuku Wilderness Hotel in winter and in the midst of Auroras. Northern lights are clear and colourful in Ivalo at the hotel. The daylight look on the snow is from the moon.

File:Aurora Borealis Poster.jpg

Image: Wikipedia.

Hotel Lapinleuku arranges outdoor sightseeing and photography sessions for visitors to enjoy the auroras. Usually you can see falling stars and satellites travelling in the coloured sky.

After the refreshing cold natural cinema you come in to the mystic Kammi and warm up beside the open fire enjoying our warm drinks.

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