Action & Creation

Wilderness Hotel Lapinleuku is an ideal place to create and act. Lapinleuku, its surroundings and premises, offer an ideal experience to enhance every participants’ presence and commitment to reach the crescendo.

1-Vinjettikuva-Loirinuotiolla-Lapinleuku-summer-fall-2There are several examples of new and epochal occasions of creation at Lapinleuku:

  • European banks and corporations meet at Lapinleuku for strategy meetings
  • Companies can envision and discuss in private at Lapinleuku
  • Books are written at Lapinleuku (Risku manifesto, Inari-Lapinleuku)
  • Artists get inspired of the nature and the romantic log house hotel
  • Photographers, explorers and hikers use Lapinleuku as basecamp when starting their 500 km explorations
  • Celebrities meet at Lapinleuku, in private and when partying
  • Even Santa Claus has been filmed at Lapinleuku, even twice.

2-Vinjettikuva-Loirinuotiolla-Lapinleuku-winter-2Loirinuotiolla at Lapinleuku





The latest great event happened in September 2014 when the Finnish grand actor and talent Mr. Vesa-Matti Loiri, Vesku, met his friends at Lapinleuku. Loiri has been taken up by the quality media:

Helsingin Sanomat writes a large article about Vesku on his 70th birthday.

Photo: Pekka Elomaa
Hjallis Harkimo ja Michael Monroe olivat nauhoittamassa Loirinuotiolla-ohjelmaa syyskuussa.
Picture: Mr. Harry Harkimo, Mr. Mike Monroe and Vesa-Matti Loiri discussion music and business at Wilderness hotel Lapinleuku.

The Chef

One of the main parts of the program has been the Lappish and Sami menu served for the Master and the guests. Mr. Heikki Nikula, the chef of Hotel Kultahovi in Inari, acted as a visiting chef for the invited guests and the Master Mr. Loiri during the whole 2,5 week filming session. The Chef arranged altogether 20 different extraordinary Arctic, Sami and Lappish dishes as a gourmet shaman.


The Chef. Mr. Heikki Nikula, running the courtyard around preparing the most delicious dinner for the President, the King and the Master.


The President, the King and the Master at Lapinleuku


Picture: The King of Finnish football, Mr. Jari Litmanen (left),  the Master of Finnish entertainment, Mr. Vesa-Matti Loiri (middle), and the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö (right), sitting ’round the campfire at Wilderness hotel Lapinleuku’s lake sauna.

The Kuksa effect

When the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, and the king of Finnish football, Mr. Jari Litmanen, discussed with the Master, one of the remarkable Lappish honours happened. The host of Lapinleuku, Mr. Timo Sarkoja, presented the royals with kuksas, individually for each. Kuksa or Guksi (Swedish: kåsa) is a type of drinking cup traditionally duodji crafted by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia from carved birch burl. The royal kuksas were carved by the Sami handicraft master, Mr. Petteri Laiti. He is the ex officio master of Sami hard material, a.k.a. reindeer bone, wood, gold and silver.

12-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.RiskuKuksa photos: Juhani Risku 2014


Gallery of Petteri Laiti handicrafted guksis donated by Lapinleuku host Timo Sarkoja. The President, the King and the Master:

 8-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.Risku10-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.Risku9-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.Risku6-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.Risku7-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.Risku 5-Loiri-kuksat-Petteri-Laiti-Timo-Sarkoja-Photo.J.Risku













Guksis in detail. The guksis are handmade and they present original Sami high-end and natural finishing without any varnish or lacquer on the inner and outer surfaces. The exquisite form with subtle details is a trademark of Mr. Laiti.

The guksis by Mr. Laiti are one of the most remarkable cultural achievements of present day Sami handicraft. This action was possible only through Mr. Timo Sarkoja’s, the man of the house, philanthropic vision (J. Risku).

Loirinuotiolla program on Nelonen TV channel presents altogether 22 friends of Vesa-Matti Loiri: the president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö and the king of Finnish football, Jari Litmanen, ice hockey legend  Teemu Selänne, actors Ville Haapasalo, Hannele Lauri, Aku Hirviniemi and Armi Toivanen, tennis champion Jarkko Nieminen, pop star Robin, business guru Hjallis Harkimo, rock’n roll legend Michael Monroe, film director Mika Kaurismäki,  comedian Jope Ruonansuu, author Jörn Donner, lady Lenita Airisto, Madventures Bros. Riku Rantala and Tuomas ”Tunna” Milonoff, theater director Kalle Holmberg and actors Pertti Melasniemi, Samuli Edelman, Vesa Vierikko and Kari Väänänen.


Making of Loirinuotiolla from the backstage

Lapinleuku hotel was three weeks the headquarters and base camp for 30 professionals from film production staff, hotel and restaurant people to respective leaders.

Smooth and sound professionalism found its dense when focusing on the production. Ivalo was the Arctic center for this hidden occasion later to be published with a fanfare on TV.






September 2014 was very intense when the film group arranged more than ten different sites for shooting. Three to five different sites daily were the scenes for the celebrity and his 22 friends. Pictures above are from 2nd to 7th September 2014.


Action & Creation picture stripe photos legend:

  • Summer: PNaPNaPNaJRiJRiJRiJRi
  • Winter: PNaJRiPNaJRiOApJRiJRi
  • PNa = Pirjo Natunen, JRi = Juhani Risku, OAp = Outi Alapekkala