Discover the special magic of Lapinleuku!

Enjoy the uniqueness of Lapland at Wilderness hotel Lapinleuku. Discover a totally different, clean and natural environment only a few hours away from the busy cities of Europe. A place where there is no hustle and bustle or masses of tourists. Your holiday days are yours and your friends’ only. Lapinleuku offers the special magic of Lapland all year round.

Lapinleuku-Wilderness-hotel-Inari-Ivalo-Lapland-aerial-oulunilmakuva-Nov-2014Aerial video from Lapinleuku: Helicopter overview of Lapinleuku.

The main building


The Lapinleuku main building lights during the period of darkness.


The old building with fireplaces in each room

The Lapinleuku Wilderness Hotel offers accommodation with a difference. Lapinleuku offers lodging for visitors who enjoy the homeliness and unspoilt atmosphere of Lapland. Only pine and other traditional materials -wood and natural stone- have been used for the chalets and their interiors.

You are sure to respond to the warm hospitality of the staff, who can look after you in several languages. Service is customer-friendly and contrasts favourably with what you may experience at large resorts and ordinary hotels.

Lapinleuku is also a resort where companies like to bring their business contacts, or train or reward their personnel in an unforgettable way.

We recommend Lapinleuku to small groups who enjoy the serenity of the countryside, unpretentious accommodation and memorable meals.



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